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👨🏼‍🍳Download kitchen timer with alarm and cook tasty food with this amazing timer app free
kitchen timer app is the first professional cooking timer designed to cook up to 5 dishes at the same time. Forget the traditionally boiled egg timer, now you can cook complex dishes like a real chef and avoid burning your food. 👨🏼‍🍳🥘

kitchen timer with alarm is the best assistant tool to prepare food using your google assistant.
cook tasty food with this easy to use kitchen tool, from baking a cake, to fry food.


* Up to 5 cooking timer with alarm makes kitchen timer with alarm a multi timer app
* Storing timers speed up your work, kitchen timer with alarm is the best chef apps ever.
* Add more time if you need it, this cooking timer with alarm work as a digital egg timer app, you can add more time during the running time if you need it.
* Maybe you just need a 30 second timer, create quick timers for single use.
*Choose your timer ringtone
* Consult your recipes and keep your timers controlled with the timer notification bar
* Vibration notifications, tick tock sound
* Play, pause, reset timers. ▶️⏸⏹
*Reuse timers, use a tag as timer reminder
* Stable, reliable and safe alarm.
* Professional design.

Why kitchen timer app free?
* Its the only one with 5 simultaneous cook timer 🎛⏲.
* Predefined timers, made cooking easier.
* Create your own timers.
* It is free and easy to use.

Looking for a tasty app for android? Prepare new dishes recipe using this easy to use alarm clock, cook your own food like a master chef cooking, carried out your kitchen project with confidence knowing that you have one of the best culinary apps available in Google Play.
Using 5 timers you will be able to prepare complex dishes, you won't need any other kitchen appliances, savor food like never before.

kitchen timer with alarm is an evolution of the traditional egg timer app, simple with a beautiful design.

If you are a chef cooking master or a gourmet chef, kitchen timer with alarm It is definitely for you:
Enjoy your timer no ads experience. Remove ads from timer app free version.
Customize your kitchen timer alarm.
Unlimited cook timer storage.

You can make your timer app free unique by changing to a vitroceramic theme.
Enjoy food preparation measuring the perfect boiling point and cook level. is much more than an egg timer app, it is one of the first food preparation apps designed to work with your google assistant. So you can use it with your voice.

Remember when it is grilling time forget about classic boiled egg timer, you need a more robust tool to prevent any burned sausage, a bbq cooking timer. Or maybe you work in haute cuisine, this app is culinary cooking essentials

Take your tasty cookbook, the ingredients you have, your cook tools and start cooking like a chef. No more boil egg timer or boring cook apps. This timer is the most useful kitchenaid app, we would like to be your kitchen confidential.

* Evolve to a recipes for free app. Ingredients, instructions, and timers in one place, what we call a tasty food app.
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