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Create realistic led scrolling text with emojis and share it with your friends.

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Led scrolling display descripción

LED Scrolling display is a led signboard maker with a realistic look and a smooth feel thanks to our advanced video engine. ✨⚙️📱
Share funny messages at the disco, communicate in crowded places, indicate the price of your products, or just have fun with your friends.🎉😃

Customize your message with Emojis, and custom background images, like flags, or maybe a romantic background for a special occasion. You can choose text and background colors, text speed and direction, apply a mirror effect. Be creative and express your idea in an original form.

It is very easy to use, just write your message, customize the design and press the Play Button, if you prefer you can also share the message with your friends.

Maybe you have tried other scrolling words apps and you have seen a bad simulation of a Led screen, but not with LED Scrolling Display. We had hard work to get a video engine that displays a smooth message who acts like a real led panel so you just have to worry about configuring your message.

✔️ Features of led signboard:
* Customizable text color, size, direction.
* Customizable font.
* Blink effect, Mirror effect.
* Customizable background colors.
* Background images.
* Pause and play video ▶️⏸
* Share messages with your friends. 👥

Our new led scrolling is based on material design, it is user-friendly and has a modern look.

✔️ In-App products:
* Remove Ads.
* All fonts available.
* All backgrounds available.

We have been improving our algorithms for years to be the number one led ticker App on Google Play, and we are sure you will love the app. Our focus is a Smooth, realistic, customizable, and user-friendly application. If you like the app, please help us, your comments are very helpful for us.

The app is currently available in English, Spanish and Portuguese. If you want to help to translate it into your native language, please contact us. 🇺🇸🇪🇸🇵🇹

➕ What's next:
We are hardly working to introduce new features like export into mp4 videos, preview mode with a LED banner at the top of the setting screen. Change screen resolution, and new background images. We are also working on bug resolutions to improve stability in all Android devices.

⚠️ Avoid insecure and unstable led board with a dubious origin, we don’t share your information. Led Scrolling Display is made with love in Barcelona by professionals App developers, we love our job, and we are continuously working to improve our led ticker app.

Marquee text is very handy to express your love, use Emojis or custom backgrounds to create an original message. Ask your friends for a beer in a crowded place like a basketball game.
this app is designed for all purposes.

✔️ Need any ideas on when to use a marquee text?
Weddings 👰🏻🤵🏼
Birthday 🎁
Disco 🕺🏼
Baseball games ⚾️
Driving (mirror effect) 🚗
School 🏫
Concerts 🎤
Your shop 🏪.

Download it now ⬇️ and surprise your friends with a realistic led light message.
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