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MATTER is an audio-first dating app where you go straight into talking.

HOW IT WORKS: You meet new people and get to have live audio conversations. During our Happy Hour, users are paired and go on audio blind dates. After you match with other users, you initiate conversation with a voice message. No more careless profiles and mindless texting. Because of our audio-first approach, people are using Matter to build serious and meaningful relationships every day.

HAPPY HOUR: You go on 3-min audio blind dates during our Happy Hour. After each date, profiles are revealed and you decide to match or not. Don’t worry if a date doesn't go well - you can leave anytime and also report any offensive behavior. Skip all the swiping and texting that goes nowhere and go straight into talking. Build deeper connections from the start.

VOICE MESSAGE: After matching, you can initiate a chat with your match only by first using a voice message. Because every voice message is deliberate and personal, this addresses thoughtless texting and annoying spamming. We believe that getting to know someone over a live meaningful conversation is the most essential, yet missing element in online dating.

AUDIO ROOM: We encourage our users to continue communicating with each other using audio when possible. After matching, users can create an audio room and have live audio conversations. Voice is a fundamental communication tool that allows people to express much more than just text words. Maybe there is a deeper reason why millennials were glued to their telephones when growing up.

VOICE INTRO: Voice speaks louder than words. What other best way there is to express yourself than with your voice? On Matter, you can tell others about yourself in your own voice. You can also browse profiles and listen to others' voice intro. Let the world find out the real you through your voice.

PROFILES WITH DEPTH: Matter prides itself on being the best of the dating apps for serious relationship potential. On Matter, profiles bring out people’s personality, interests, and perspectives so it helps you get to know them in depth. Listen to their favorite music, read summaries of their favorite movies and TV shows. See their hobbies, prompts, and what matters to them. We are the elite singles app for those looking for serious relationships because on Matter, who you are matters.

OUR MISSION: The experience of most, if not all, dating apps feel fake and mindless. We are on a mission to change the dating format from the outset and re-focus on what is essential in modern love in the digital age. We are seeking to create a dating app where people flirt and relationships on the foundation of building real connections. By creating in-depth profiles, starting with audio dates, and selecting matches after getting to know them better first, we are taking the mindless swiping and superficiality out of the equation. We are making dating apps for singles into entirely new experiences. Together, we can rewrite the rules of finding modern love in a digital world.

Matter is for people who are tired of dating apps. No more getting ghosted, sketchy profiles, feeling unsafe, awkward dead-end convos that go nowhere and mindless swiping. We take the hard part out and give you safe, efficient and deeper opportunities to really connect with your love bird based on mutual interests.

ON MATTER, SAFETY MATTERS. Our team is working tirelessly to create a safe environment for everyone by eliminating fake profiles, alerting potential scams, and stopping offensive behavior. Our built-in features will ensure that your safety is always our top priority.

ON MATTER, PRIVACY MATTERS. We will never sell your data. Period. We will not use your data other than helping you find a relationship. By clear and deliberate choice, our business model respects our users’ data and privacy. On Matter, you are NOT the product.

Learn more: http://www.matter.dating
Contact us: [email protected]
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